Advent 2022

Catholic Mom Bundle

The all-digital Catholic Mom Bundle is loaded with resources for moms’ emotional health, family fun, happy homes, and spiritual growth.

By working together, we’re able to offer this limited-time deal for $25. That’s 97% off the total value! Read on to see the 36 amazing products in this year’s bundle.

1. How do I access the bundle?

Immediately after payment, you’ll be able to download the bundle as a .zip file (this is easiest to open on a computer).

2. I don’t get anything in the mail?

Nope! Ebooks, course access instructions, printables, and more. It’s all digital!

3. I’m not going to use Product XYZ. Can I give it to a friend?

You sure can give unused resources! Please respect the copyrights of all our mom-contributors. Remember, everything in the bundle is for one household/classroom use unless the creator explicitly allows parish use. Please don’t email copies, resell, or print off 100 copies for your parish.

4. How do I buy a bundle for a friend?

Look at you, sweet friend! You can easily send the bundle to her email address by selecting “Is this order a gift? Yes” just before payment.

5. What if I’m just not happy?

If you’ve purchased the bundle and decided it’s not for you, contact us within 30 days for a full refund. It’s that simple. We want to make your life easier 🙂

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Advent & Christmas

5 Days to a Debt Free Christmas

From Jonathan & Amanda at WalletWin,

This mini-course includes 5 videos help you create your plan to make this Christmas a Debt-Free Christmas and carry it out!

We’ll Cover:
Getting in the right frame of mind
Getting Started
Creating Your Plan
Low-Cost, High-Meaning Christmas Gift Ideas
Keeping the Debt-Free Christmas Spirit All Year Long
👉 Includes a free interactive Christmas budgeting tool!


Advent ABCs and Booklets

From Annie at Adventures of a 4th Grade Classroom,

Advent is a wonderful time of year to reflect on our relationship with God. This alphabet and reflection booklet are the perfect way to teach students or children about Advent. Each letter of the alphabet has a word and short explanation that is Advent/Christmas themed. Hang the alphabet around your home or classroom, and have children complete their own booklets. Three booklets are included- early childhood, primary grade, and upper elementary.

Advent and Christmas Activity Printables

From Colleen at Elevator to Heaven,

My Advent and Christmas Printables are designed to supplement your homeschool or RE or even just provide some structure for your kiddos on break! The bundle include a complete vocabulary unit for elementary aged children, as well as mazes, word puzzles, and coloring pages for kids of all ages.

Advent Guide

From Steffani at His Girl Sunday,

This Advent Planning Packet will give you printable calendars to last through Advent, with liturgical living ideas for the week, meal planning sheets, gift idea tracker, holiday budget tracker, prayer printables, prayer intention list, gift tag printable, and more.

Advent prayer pages and activities

From Emily at Faith That Works,

These prayer journal templates cover the four main themes of Advent: hope, peace, joy and love. There are also activities based on the 7 O Antiphons.

He Dwelt Among Us Busy Moms' Virtual Retreat

From Jenny at Heart of a Mother,

The Busy Moms’ Retreats are designed for Catholic homeschooling moms who long for moments of prayer and reflection amidst our busy days and can be enjoyed by Catholic-friendly and/or homeschooling-friendly moms, too. This Virtual Retreat version is centered around the theme of He Dwelt Among Us based on John 1:14, perfect for the season of Advent, and includes a retreat guide, a printable journal, weekly videos, and weekly Zoom calls, allowing moms to choose which retreat elements to enjoy in their current season of life. We will join together November 28 – December 23, 2022 once a week in spirit and/or online to integrate prayer and reflection throughout our busy days and prepare our hearts for the joy of Christmas.

Holiday Financial Planning

From Erica at Financial Counseling Associates,

A complete planning package with a journal, spreadsheet, and instructions on how to prepare for the holidays responsibly, within budget and with minimal stress. Includes an articles with instructions and why, a comprehensive spreadsheet, and a printable journal to keep track of all that needs to be done.

Jesse Tree Printable Coloring Page Ornaments

From Shari at Catholic Paper Goods,

Celebrate Advent with printable Jesse Tree ornaments. These are ‘color-it-yourself’ ornaments to print, color/decorate, trim, punch a hole, affix a ribbon or twine and hang on your tree! Ornaments measure 3.75″ x 3.75″ (4.125″ tall with hanging tab).

24 total ornaments are included:
• The Story of Creation
• The Story of Adam & Eve
• The Story of the Fall of Man
• The Story of Noah
• The Story of Abraham
• The Story of Isaac
• The Story of Jacob
• The Story of Joseph
• The Story of Moses
• The Story of Samuel
• The Story of Jesse
• The Story of David
• The Story of Solomon
• The Story of Joseph, the Father of Jesus
• The Story of Mary, the Mother of Jesus
• The Story of John the Baptist
• Jesus is Wisdom
• Jesus is Lord
• Jesus is the Flower of Jesse
• Jesus is the Key of David
• Jesus is the Radiant Dawn
• Jesus is King of the Gentiles
• Jesus is Emmanuel
• Jesus is the Light of the World

Las Posadas

From Alicia at No Heart Untouched,

Dive deeper into the Advent season by celebrating Las Posadas. This 9 day celebration is meant to foster joy & hope as we await the coming of Jesus. With reflections, songs & recipes, Las Posadas is a beautiful way to draw closer to family & Christ & as we wait in joyful hope.

Latin Christmas Carol Art

From Thérèse at Kolbe’s Little Flowers,

Decorate your home with artwork from four Latin Christmas carols. The farmhouse style will bring a Catholic Christmas cheer to any home.

O Come Emmanuel Nativity Play

From Elizabeth Clare Blog,

Planning a nativity play this year for Christmas, but don’t know where to start? This versatile and simple to use Nativity Play Script will save you hours of work preparing your own script!

Based on God’s Word and traditional hymns the script is created to work with any group!

In as little as 5 minutes, you will be able to adapt the nativity play script to your group and assign roles.

The majority of the lines in this nativity play script come straight from scripture (both Old and New Testament). The performers won’t only be memorizing lines, they will be memorizing scripture!

-6 – 29 speaking roles
-As many non-speaking supporting roles as needed!
-Contains 8 Christmas carols
-Incorporates Old and New Testament Scripture
-Tips for a smooth running Nativity Play
-Step by step help for easily tailoring the script to your needs!
-Works for all variety of Christians
-5 page script (approximate run time: 10-20 minutes)
-Appropriate for age 0-100!
-“O Come Emmanuel” Song lyrics in both Latin and English

Prepare Him Room

From Jeanette at Permission to Pursue,

Prepare Him Room is a Jesse Tree devotional written specifically for women. With so many Jesse Tree resources out there written for children and families, I wanted to create a resource, especially for women that would help them to grow spiritually through the Advent season. This devotional includes the Scripture references for each day, a reflection, journaling questions, and space to write.

resources for mom

5 Tools for Self-Awareness

From Gessica at 
Catholic Mom Vibes,

We were meant for more! Meant to live with uncomfortable, challenging things, meant to expand outside of ourselves, meant to love and be loved. How can we do that if we don’t know how to identify what we are thinking? How our thoughts are impacting the world around us? In this course, learn 5 simple tools that will help you increase awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and victories, and how to do all these things through Christ, with Christ, and ultimately, grow in greater relationship with Christ and others.
Catholic Marriage Bundle

From Sarah & Nathan at Cana Feast,

Surrender + Service Marriage Training is a 30-minute video training for wives wanting more initiative, involvement or follow-through from their husbands. Loaded with tons of examples from our own life, we show you exactly how to break the cycle of nagging, disappointment, and resentment.
The training includes a 10-page PDF worksheet with checklists, guides and reflection questions to lead you step-by-step through creating a practical plan to transform YOUR marriage.

BONUS: How to pray with a reluctant spouse. We’ve helped thousands of couples create a shared prayer life–even if your husband is reluctant to start. This PDF gives you 4 simple, practical, and effective steps to starting and maintaining couple prayer.

Dreaming with God Prayer Notebook

From Heidi at Euphrosyne Corner,

Have you ever had a sense that you are going in circles? You want to do what God wants for your family, but you feel constrained by the way you’ve always done it and wouldn’t mind just a little more direct instructions.

Get ready for 33 days of dreaming with God. Learn more about what that means and how to do it. Prompted journal pages provide space to record your prayers, activities, and interactions.

Grieving and Healing after Miscarriage

From Michelle at Raising Small Things with Great Love,

This short resource features prayerful and practical exercises to help bereaved mothers processing loss. Through Rosary meditations and emotional health, Michelle’s words help grieving mothers heal and find joy during the holidays after experiencing a miscarriage.

Grow in Love Course

From Cassandra at Blended Be,

This video-based course is to help Catholic moms of blended families grow deeper in love with your mind, body, and soul. When you love yourself the way God created you to be, you can love others the way God needs you to.

The Holy family is the greatest example of a blended family. We can strive for holiness in our vocation God called us too!

Guilt-Free Self Care for Busy Moms

From Jessica at A Thriving Catholic,

What if you had a plan for self-care that was completely doable and didn’t
make you feel guilty for taking time for yourself?

What if you felt confident that you could easily sustain healthy habits

In just a few quick videos and exercises, Jessica will teach you a simple–and completely doable–framework for taking excellent care of yourself.

In You, O Lord, is My Strength

From Gina at Someday Saints,

This is a 14-day guide to digging deeper into the Lord’s strength, with one Bible verse or Saint quote to pray and meditate with each day. As women, we need to rely more on the Lord than on our own strength. This guide is printable (please do print it!), and written to give women an encounter with God’s strength in Scripture and through the examples of the Saints. I offer encouragement to bring our needs to the Lord in Adoration, offer a favorite breakfast recipe and prayerful Advent music suggestions, and beautifully designed prayers and Scriptures to use as bookmarks or framed prints throughout the home. I hope women will grow in God’s strength and invited Him into every aspect of their lives over the 14 days with this guide.

Journal with Jesus: A Catholic Wellness Mom 60 Days Journal

From Maria Cecilia at Catholic Wellness Mom,

Journal with Jesus is a simple yet profound way to enhance your wellness. This journal will teach you a very basic way to journal so that you can grow your relationship with Christ.

The format in this book will make it doable for any mother who is either struggling to make time for prayer and for those who want to enhance their relationship with Christ to the next level.

Catholic Home

2023 Liturgical Calendars

From Jessica at Telos Art,

Our 2023 Liturgical Calendar is inspired and informed by the Ordinary Form of the Catholic liturgy. The full, 365-day calendar year is represented on a single page in either full-color or black and white. Includes children’s edition. Great for teachers, religious education classrooms, or around the house! For best results, print at a local printer, Office Depot, or similar print service. 

2023 Saints Calendar

From Monica at Arma Dei,

This Wall Calendar Kit includes a 13 month calendar (illustrated with the Kelly Saints on key Feast Days!) formatted to fit 8.5″x11″ landscape mode. Includes December 2022, just in time for Advent!

Crochet Rosary Pattern

From Emily at Fiat Fiber Arts,

Are you trying to create a family culture centered around prayer? Tweens and up can use this Rosary pattern to make any size chaplet, rosary, or bracelet. 

Also includes a personal story  of overcoming postpartum anxiety through the entirely Catholic practice of mind-body-soul.

Embroidery Design Pack

From Alyssa at Peace and Good Co,

Enjoy these three hand embroidery designs and guides complete with step by step instructions, stitch and color guides, and more. They are beginner friendly! Make the designs for your home or they make perfect gifts!

Feast Fast Feria Perpetual Liturgical Calendar

From Genie at Feast Fast Feria,

As the beginning of the new Catholic year, Advent is the perfect time to dive into liturgical living with your family. And knowing which holy days fall when is the first step to getting your year of commemorations off on the right foot. So to help you have everything together in one place and give you a clear but simple overview to prevent overwhelm, I’m sharing our list of all the feasts, fasts, and ferias of both the new and traditional calendars in this reusable perpetual liturgical calendar.

Pick a couple personally meaningful feasts or fasts for your family to mark each month, and, with the space provided, write what worked in your home. Then year after year you can revisit you notes and add, or adjust, more Catholic customs and liturgical traditions as your family grows in each new season of life.

Madonna & Child Embroidery Pattern

From Theresa at Happy Nest Home Goods,

Create a beautiful work of art for your home or as a gift with this modern Christian embroidery pattern. Book includes patterns for 4″, 5″, 6″, 7″ & 8″ embroidery hoops in the “Madonna & Child” pattern. Use the 4″ pattern for an ornament, or use the larger patterns to create a beautiful Christmas gift or stunning piece of year-round decor!

Pattern File Includes:
-List of materials needed
-First steps
-Traceable or printable patterns for hoop sizes 4-8″
-Guide with list of colors and stitches used in sample image (also includes a recommended thread color for variations with darker skin tones!)

Please Note: Pattern is for personal household use only. Items made with this pattern may not be sold under any circumstances and no portion of this pattern may be replicated, duplicated, altered, or shared without written permission from and credit to Happy Nest Home Goods. Patterns themselves may not be reproduced or shared under any circumstances; please respect my time and work as an artist creating these patterns by not sharing digital products.

Copyright ©2017 Happy Nest Home Goods. All Rights Reserved.

Martha/Mary Planner 2023

From Saint of the Month,

This printable planner is great for all working moms. Work around the house can be stressful. So much to do and the worst part is the thoughts and feelings that overwhelm you. With this planner you will learn to pray while you work as Mary did. You will learn to correct your mind and heart. You will learn to interiorize and also act in a way that will help you to do the simple home tasks with a heart more like Mary and less like Martha.

The Ultimate Catholic Book-Gifting Guide

From Lindsay Schlegel,

You don’t want shopping to take forever this year, but you also want to give meaningful gifts to those you love. What to do?

In this easy-to-use guide, author, editor, and former bookseller Lindsay Schlegel makes book-gifting a breeze with over 100 recommendations for all ages. Whether you’re shopping for your expecting sister, your tween godchild, your spouse, or the little ones under your own roof, Lindsay’s got you covered. Also included are ideas for extras to add to gifts to make them even more special and printable bookish gift tags.

Older Kids

Catholics In STEM Collection

From Aileen at Divine Inspiration Art,

The ”Catholics in STEM” Collection infuses faith and science into your curriculum. It is a perfect bundle for a Catholic school or homeschool classroom and bridges multiple ages. Students will learn about notable Catholics in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.

What’s included:
– St. Albert the Great 2”x7” (set up for 4) bookmark file
– St. Albert the Great prayer poster file (11”x14”)
– Coloring Sheets for St. Albert, St. Hildegard, Blessed Francesco Faa Di Bruno, and Sr. Mary Kenneth Keller
– Doodle sheets for St. Albert, St. Hildegard, Blessed Francesco Faa Di Bruno, and Sr. Mary Kenneth Keller
– Catholics in STEM poster (11”x14”)
Bonus: St. Albert the Great bookmark featuring a bold geometric design.

Copywork and Comprehension Pack

From Emily at Minds and Hearts,

Help your children or students enter into the season of Advent and prepare their hearts for Christmas! This pack includes both printing and cursive copywork for December saints’ feast days, Sunday Gospels, and the O Antiphons. Also included is an Advent reading passage with comprehension questions. These resources are great for homeschool morning baskets, religion centers, or independent practice!

From God’s Plan to Your Plan: A Bible Study for Boys (ages 10 to 13)

From Amy at Prayer Wine Chocolate,

From God’s Plan to Your Plan: a Bible Study for Boys is a Unit of Lesson Plans for Catechists, Catholic Teachers and Catholic Youth Ministers who want to ignite a love for Christ in boys who are between the ages of 10 and 14. The Unit contains 7 detailed lesson plans that can be used with or without the book Be Yourself: a Journal for Catholic Boys.

Each lesson plan includes the lesson objective, materials needed and preparation instructions; the procedure and agenda for that class as well as suggestions for how the instructors or ministers can enrich each lesson with his or her own personal stories. It is clearly written and includes activities that gets boys up and moving. Each lesson has an incredibly fun component and an important lesson that each young man will learn. This Unit Plan was written by an experienced teacher and author of the book Be Yourself: a Journal for Catholic Boys

Ora Et Labora: A Rule of Life for Catholic Youth

From Ginny at Not So Formulaic,

Designed to help kids integrate their Catholic faith and prayer lives with their daily responsibilities, schoolwork, and relationships with family/friends, Ora Et Labora guides children ages twelve and up in the development of a Rule of Life, a series of guidelines that help order their days and hearts in Christ.

Younger Kids

Emotions Bingo by Interior Kingdom

From Johanna at Interior Kingdom,

Children learn best through play, so use this fun game of bingo to help foster emotional intelligence in your home!

BONUS: Take Bingo to the next level with Holiday Discussion Prompts that accompany the game. As we all know, the holiday season is often accompanied by MANY emotions. Playfully anticipate complex emotions that might arise this during time of the year, and brainstorm potential responses/solutions – ahead of time!

This printable download features 16 of the 32 stunning, watercolor depictions of emotions created especially for Interior Kingdom. It includes 20 unique bingo cards, 16 emotions call-out cards, and fun card markers.

*You do not need to own Interior Kingdom to enjoy this product – however; everyone who purchases the CMB will receive an exclusive discount offer for the first-ever faith based emotional regulation program for families!

**This game was created exclusively for CMB. It is NOT available for purchase elsewhere at this time, nor is it a part of the full Interior Kingdom program.

***For single home or single classroom use only. To purchase additional licensing use for a parish, co-op or school, send an email to

Our Holy Friends in Heaven Printable Pack

From Kaycee at Catholic Creations,

Our Holy Friends in Heaven Printable Pack is filled with 10 adorable images of saints that are perfect as flash cards for small children, decorating for the saints’ feast days, framed in children’s rooms, and SO MUCH MORE!

This saint group is completely different from the previous pack offered in other Catholic Mom Bundles!

These printables are sold online for $6 each! That’s an amazing deal for a limited time only!

Included in this printable:

-St. Kateri Tekakwitha
-St. Rita of Cascia
-Our Lady of Mount Carmel
-St. Mary Magdalene
-St. John Paul II
-St. Anne
-St. Teresa of Avila
-St. Brigid of Ireland
-St. Anthony of Padua
-St. Christopher

Saint Patrick No Prep Activity Bundle

From Dianna at The Kennedy Adventures,

Need the perfect no-prep Saint Patrick activities and worksheets for your students? Keep them engaged with this bundle that teaches about St Patrick. These word puzzles, coloring pages and bingo games make teaching about the tenets of our Catholic faith so much fun — just print and go.

These are perfect for:

Catholic homeschooling families
Catholic classroom teachers
Religious education teachers
Catholic co-ops
Directors of Religious Education

Saintly Heart Crossword & Word Search Bundle

From Maggie at Saintly Heart,

These fun Catholic Crossword and Word Search puzzles are fun for the whole family! There are 6 different printables to educate about the church while having fun!

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