Lent 2023

Catholic  Mom Bundle

The all-digital Catholic Mom Bundle is loaded with resources for moms’ emotional health, family fun, happy homes, and spiritual growth.

By working together, we’re able to offer this limited-time deal for $25. That’s 97% off the total value! Read on to see the 34 amazing products in this year’s bundle.

1. How do I access the bundle?

Immediately after payment, you’ll be able to download the bundle as a .zip file (this is easiest to open on a computer).

2. I don’t get anything in the mail?

Nope! Ebooks, course access instructions, printables, and more. It’s all digital!

3. I’m not going to use Product XYZ. Can I give it to a friend?

You sure can give unused resources! Please respect the copyrights of all our mom-contributors. Remember, everything in the bundle is for one household/classroom use unless the creator explicitly allows parish use. Please don’t email copies, resell, or print off 100 copies for your parish.

4. How do I buy a bundle for a friend?

Look at you, sweet friend! You can easily send the bundle to her email address by selecting “Is this order a gift? Yes” just before payment.

5. What if I’m just not happy?

If you’ve purchased the bundle and decided it’s not for you, contact us within 30 days for a full refund. It’s that simple. We want to make your life easier 🙂

If you’re looking for a refund, some tech help, or just a chat, contact us anytime at support@catholicmombundle.com

Lenten  Resources

Lent Activities for K-5 Children

From Annie at Adventures of a 4th Grade Classroom,

Make Lent more meaningful for your children (or students) this year! With these four resources, you’ll begin by teaching your children about Ash Wednesday and the history behind it. Then as we journey through Lent, have your children reflect on their faith by using the Lent prayer partners activity. As Holy Week approaches, use the explanation and booklets to teach them about the events and history of Holy Week. Finally, finish up the season by celebrating Easter with the booklets and explanation handouts.

Lent Home Oratory & Devotional Pack

From Alicia at No Heart Untouched,

This is a digital download to aid in the devotions & reflections that come with the Lenten Season. It can be used in its entirety or just the pieces you would prefer to use most.

-14 Stations of the Cross
-Pray Fast Give Banner
-Symbols of Lent Banner
-5 Lenten Prints with Scripture/Prayer
-2 Palm Sunday Prints
-2 Lenten Devotional Bookmarks (5 Wounds & 7 Sorrows Rosary)
-Lenten Practices & Meditations

Lent with Kids: Prayer & Conversation Kit

From Jenny at Heart of a Mother,

Enjoy these simple but beautiful Catholic morning prayers and Scripture-centered conversation prompts with children and teens of all ages this Lent!

This e-book bundle includes: Morning Prayers – Lent ~ a page of morning prayers for each day of the week, focusing on the Lenten themes of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving; Conversations with Catholic Kids – Questions in Matthew ~ over 40 Scripture verses which contain questions Jesus asked along with 5 questions to ask your kids about each one; and Conversations with Catholic Kids – Lent ~ conversation starters for families to reflect on the 7 Last Words of Christ and the 7 Sorrows of Mary.

Through consistent daily prayer and open-ended family discussions, parents can use this kit to share their Catholic faith with their children in a gentle, sincere way throughout the liturgical season of Lent and beyond.

Lent/Holy Week Bingo and Reading Comprehension Pack

From Emily at Minds and Hearts,

This pack will help you to teach and review the season of Lent through Holy Week with elementary age children. Two reading comprehension passages will introduce both Lent and Holy Week. Each one includes a two-page article with non-fiction text features (headings, text box, underlined words, glossary) as well as multiple choice and short answer questions. Students will be invited to reflect upon how they might draw nearer to God and prepare for Easter.

The colorful bingo game includes 30 unique game boards, as well as calling cards that will require children to listen to clues for each picture. It’s the perfect way to review what children know about Lent and Holy Week!

Missio Parata Lenten Challenge: Next-Level Access

From Jessica at A Thriving Catholic,

“Missio-Parata” means “mission-ready” in Latin. This challenge is designed to help you become a ft instrument in the hands of God so that you have the capacity to accomplish the mission He’s given you.

It consists of: disciplined diet and fasting, deep & powerful prayer, restorative sleep, and daily movement.

Next-Level Access gives you (in addition to everything included in the free challenge):
– A Guide to Lectio Divina
– Challenge Cookbook (including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and drinks)
– Meal Plan & Shopping List Templates
– Guide to Praying the Rosary
– Strength Training Guide and Workouts
– Lifetime Access to all training call replays

Stations of the Cross and Confession Guide for Kids

From Roxanne at Catholic Homebody,

Confession Guide for Kids features a kid-friendly examination of conscience, step by step guide on how to go to confession, and two act of contrition prayer options. This Confession Guide for Kids is ideal for 2nd-grade and older children.

The Station of the Cross Prayer Cards are 5×7 in size and feature high-quality vintage images that are great for meditating on while praying the Stations of the Cross. These Stations of the Cross cards are great for Lent. You can use these as a banner for decorating your Catholic altar, fireplace, or anywhere else in your home.

The Little Way Wellness: A Catholic Wellness Planner/Journal Lent Edition

From Maria Cecilia at Catholic Wellness Mom,

Take these 40 days of lent to enhance your wellness as you walk along with St. Therese. This planner/journal gives you the “little way” wellness that will empower you to take 40 days to bring forth growth, strength, clarity and peace with your wellness.

Valentine's Day Bundle AND Lent Game Printables: Bingo & Memory Game

From Shari at Catholic Paper Goods,

Catholic Stations of the Cross memory game and Lent bingo for Catholic school students or homeschoolers are printable activities to learn and discuss facts about Lent and the Stations. Bundle includes: 2 sets of Stations of the Cross memory cards, 30 Lent bingo cards in color, DIY card to create additional cards as needed, calling cards and chips to distribute.

Decorate your home, parish hall or classroom with this set of 6 printable color Sacred Hearts Valentine’s Day banners!  Includes the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary and Chaste Heart of St. Joseph. 2 versions included: one set of 3 hearts says “Happy Valentine’s Day” at the top, one set has no text, just the Sacred Hearts by themselves.

Put the “Saint” back into St. Valentine’s Day with these printable Catholic Valentine exchange cards! This is the full color version St. Valentine’s Day candy/lollipop holder cards. Trim the cards and cut slits for lollipops to fit in his hand over his crozier!

for mom

An Introduction to the Women Doctors of the Church

From Colleen at Elevator to Heaven,

This course is designed to be an introduction to the four formidable women Doctors of the Church. Suitable for group or individual use, the course can be used in a single setting or broken up across multiple sessions.

Introduction to the Women Doctors of the Church includes:
-video presentations on what it means to be a Doctor of the Church and each individual woman
-discussion questions for each section of the video
-quotes from each of the four women to pray with
-journaling pages to accompany each section of the video

How to Plan Your Own Prayer Wine Chocolate Retreat: A Guidebook

From Amy at Prayer Wine Chocolate,

This guide will provide all you need to start small and hold a simple prayer group in your home and also equip you with plans to “go bigger” with one day pilgrimages and/or a day of reflection that is reverent as well as refreshing. Get started today . . . plan an event that will lift your spirits and your soul towards heaven!

There are 4 main types of “Prayer Wine Chocolate” Retreats

1.The Micro-Retreat

2.The “Prayer and Pair” Party

3.The Tour the Shrine then Taste the Wine Prayer Wine Chocolate Retreat

4. The Prayer Wine Chocolate Day of Reflection

This guide explains how to plan all four types!

Intro to Cycle Synching & Optimizing your Hormonal Low

From Megan at The Aligned Cycle,

Your menstrual cycle can help you plan your family and evaluate your health, but did you know your cycle impacts every part of your daily living – your energy, your mood, and more?

This quick start guide will help you understand your cyclical rhythm and your hormonal low point. You’ll learn when it happens, what you might expect, and how to optimize it, so you can enjoy more peace in all phases of your cycle.

Little Flowers: 10 Catholic Affirmation Cards

From Amanda at All Saints Play,

Moms everywhere understand the feeling of anxiousness and uncertainty that comes with life’s never-ending responsibilities. That’s why we’ve created these beautiful Little Flower affirmation cards to inspire peace in hearts that need it! These cards are filled with uplifting saint quotes and delightful floral illustrations.

This bundle includes 10 Catholic affirmation cards with PNGs/PDFs formatted for 4×6 and 5×7 printing. Perfect to use during times of anxiety, birth, or general unrest. Share the joy of these Little Flowers by hanging them up in your home or by mailing it to a friend who needs support or a smile!

Prayer Companion: Grow in prayer one day at a time

From Mary at Blessed Catholic Mom,

Divided into four sections, the Prayer Companion: Grow in prayer one day at a time provides multiple resources and ideas for you to use: strategies to help you make time to pray, resources to help you to know how to pray, and prayers for when you do not know what prayer to pray.

Present in the Pain Bundle for Grieving Mothers

From Eileen at Eileen Tully,

The Sorrowful Way Lenten journal and Praying with Our Lady of Sorrows prayer book are the perfect companions to my Present in the Pain Online Video Retreat. These three inspirational tools were created to help you carry the heavy cross of pregnancy and child loss. All three enable you to find healing and hope by uniting your suffering to that of Jesus and Our Lady of Sorrows.

Catholic Home

Catholic Executive Function Bundle

From Ginny at Not So Formulaic,

Organize your family’s heart, head, and home with the Executive Function Bundle from Not So Formulaic. The Bundle includes two workbooks (one for moms and one for teens) and one course designed to help you and your family organize your minds, bodies, souls, and spaces.
Fruit of the Holy Spirit Art Prints

From Lauren at With a Joyful Heart,

The Fruit of the Holy Spirit Art Print collection includes 13 digital art prints in two sizes (8″x11″ & 5″x7″) that can be printed at home or sent to your favorite print provider. A blend of modern and vintage elements, these beautiful prints can be displayed not just during Lent, but all year round.

Good Steward Workshop Plus Pass

From Amanda & Jonathan at Wallet Win,

Times are a little crazy right now. Record inflation, soaring prices, and a supply chain with issue after issue, make it harder than ever to provide for our families, help those in need, and build the Kingdom of God.

How are we to be good stewards of the gifts God’s given us in such turbulent times? And what is a good steward anyway?

Join us for The Good Steward Workshop and discover how to open up your heart (and finances) to God, and be “wise as serpents and innocent as doves” when handling money.

You’ll learn how to invite God in, save money, earn money, and make stewardship your new, energizing way of life.

Jesus Crucified & Risen Set of 5x7 Prints

From Lindsay at Just Love Prints,

Display these 5×7 Jesus Crucified and Jesus Resurrected watercolor portraits during Lent or all year round. Consider hanging the Jesus Crucified print during Lent, and swapping it with the Jesus Resurrected print for Easter! For personal, single-use only.

Plant Kindness Embroidery Pattern

From Theresa at Happy Nest Home Goods,


Decorate your home in a unique way by stitching up this modern Catholic embroidery pattern that will speak to your gardener’s heart and create an heirloom item to decorate your home for generations to come! The “Plant Kindness” Pattern is great for beginners, even kids. Book includes patterns for 4″, 5″, 6″, 7″ & 8″ embroidery hoops in the “Plant Kindness” pattern which features a favorite quote by St. Basil the Great, “He who plants kindness, gathers love.”

Pattern File Includes:
-List of materials needed
-First steps
-Traceable or printable patterns for hoop sizes 4-8″
-Guide with list of colors and stitches used in sample image

Please Note: Pattern is for personal household use only. Items made with this pattern may not be sold under any circumstances and no portion of this pattern may be replicated, duplicated, altered, or shared without written permission and credit to Happy Nest Home Goods. Patterns themselves may not be reproduced or shared under any circumstances; please respect my time and work as an artist creating these patterns by not sharing digital products.

Copyright ©2019 Happy Nest Home Goods. All Rights Reserved.

Vintage Floral Art Prints

From Jessica at Telos Art,

Bring the beauty of our faith into your home with wall decor from Telos Art. Inspirational Scripture is paired with vintage floral images for use as wall decor, prayer reminders, or notecards.

Also included is vintage art print featuring a poignant engraving of a woman holding a child up to view the cross on which Christ died.

Downloads are sized to print at at 8×10″ or smaller.


7 Days of Prayer and Reflection for Couples Considering Adoption

From Christian Adoption Coaching,

Certified Adoption Coaches, Stacy Sanger and Shannon Slattery, offer a valuable tool for couples considering adoption. It has been successfully used by couples as a conversation starter to begin real conversations about the process of adoption through prayer and questions. (This tool can also be used with a private adoption coaching program offered on the website valued at $199 for the introductory price of $49. www.christianadoption-coaching.com)

Date Night Bundle

From Jen & Logan at Surprised by Marriage,

The Date Night Bundle by Surprised By Marriage includes the Date Night Guide, Date Night In!, and the “Him or Her?” game. Get all the tips and tricks to making date night happen and how to make dates a priority, even when you can’t leave the house. Whether you’re struggling to go on dates or you’re actually pretty consistent with it, there’s something in this bundle for everyone!

Have Another Kid Without Losing It

From Lauren at Life Coach Mama,

Certified life coach and mother of eight, Lauren Loboda shares her experiences of pregnancy, babies, big kids and family relationships in this self-help book. Discover coaching tips and tools for parents. Gain confidence in your family plan. Develop new perspectives on your family number. Find more peace and joy in your parenting.

Healing wounds & building trust in your blended family

From Cassandra at Blended Be,

Being a Catholic blended family is challenging but also a huge blessing.
The journey through lent allows families to join in sacred Catholic tradition and learn how to pray together, fast together, and give together. Stand with Mary at the foot of the cross and receive the life giving power of Jesus.

Marriage Forgiveness Workshop and Examination of Conscience for Marriage

From Sarah & Nathan at Cana Feast,

Have you and your husband done an Examination of Conscience for your marriage? Do you both know the elements of a good apology? In this short marriage Forgiveness workshop video with its accompanying worksheets, Sarah and Nathan of Cana Feast will walk you through a process of mutual repentance and forgiveness as a couple.

Learn lifelong marriage skills for making a GOOD apology and making up thoroughly. Use the Marriage Examination of Conscience to focus your Lenten Confessions on making your marriage the best it can be!

Younger Kids

Catholic Letter of the Week F - J Bundle

From Angie at Real Life at Home,

Alphabet Fun and Learning for Catholic Children: Work on the alphabet with your children with these Catholic Letter of the Week printable packets. Each packet in the Letters F – J bundle contains 35 pages filled with coloring pages, mini books, printables, and worksheets for Catholic children to learn about the letters F, G, H, I, and J, for a total of 175 pages of activities.

You’ll also receive a discount code for the rest of the alphabet! These packets are perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade. This bundle from Real Life at Home may be used in one household or one classroom.


Our Holy Friends in Heaven Printable Pack

From Kaycee at Catholic Creations,

Holy Friends in Heaven Printable Pack is filled with 10 adorable images of saints that are perfect as flash cards for small children, decorating for the saints’ feast days, framed in children’s rooms, and SO MUCH MORE!

This saint group is completely different from the previous pack I’ve offered in other Catholic Mom Bundles!

These printables are sold online for $6 each! That’s an amazing deal for a limited time only!

The Saints included in this printable:

-St. Teresa of Calcutta
-St. Philomena
-St. Martha
-St. Augustine of Hippo
-St. Alphonsus
-St. Ignatius of Loyola
-St. Francis Xavier
-St. John Vianney
-St. Helena of the Cross
-St. Lawrence

Printable Catholic Valentines

From Dianna at The Kennedy Adventures,


Looking for Christian valentines for your students? These unique Catholic valentines are perfect for celebrating the spirit of Saint Valentine.

Choose the color option, or the B/W version to color yourself. Print on cardstock and give to family, friends, your favorite priest, teachers, neighbors and relatives.

What’s included:
You’ll receive 20 different printable Valentines with Catholic saints and quotes about love, in color and black and white styles.

Scripture Conversation Starter Deck

From Aisling at The Good Portion Co,

This Scripture conversation deck is inspired by several things:

1.The ancient and beautiful practice of Lectio Divina – a way of praying with scripture that involves reading, re-reading, pondering what strikes your heart, and praying with God about these words.

2.St. Ignatius’ practice of imaginative prayer – where we take a Gospel story or passage and imaginatively enter into the setting, prayerfully experience the story unfolding, exploring what God wants to speak to us there.

3.My experience with the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd – a marvelous method of catechesis, informed by Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy, immersing children in the life and beauty of the Church through Scripture, Liturgy, and Tradition. I hope to help bring these treasured practices, of praying with and living into the Word of God, into your family’s life!
(I recommend printing this file on quality, heavyweight cardstock and cutting with a paper cutter.)”

Tweens & teens

A Catholic Girl's Bullet Journal

From Amy at Nova Eva Co,

Use this journal to track goals, learn more about the body God gave you, and perhaps make a correlation between different moods/cycles/seasons. Make gift idea lists, keep tabs on your Lenten promises or your last Confession date. Your daughter will love filling it in and personalizing it!

Print all or some.
Fill out daily or once in awhile.
Go for all color or black and white.
Add your own prompts or keep it simple.
Markers or pens or crayons…your choice.
Make it your own!

(most pages appropriate for moms too!)

Family Technology Inventory & Email Course

From Heidi at Euphrosyne Corner Solutions,


Internet filters and family screen time rules are back ups for safety, not a plan! Digital Discernment creates a framework for conversations that will equip your family for a lifetime. This framework becomes a lifeskill of digital self awareness and responsible behavior.

During the early years we model.

Through the elementary years we guide.

As teens become adults we support.

The Family Technology Inventory is a quick way to take a deep look at the devices in your home and dip your toes into digital discernment. One week of daily emails will walk you through the Family Technology Inventory step by step.

Learn the basics of each of the four steps in the digital discernment process, establish a family set of digital grace and courtesy expectations and receive an overview of the major social media outlets your kids may be using. All built on the principles of parents as primary educators and the dignity of the human person.

The Pray More Project Plan Workbook

From Monica at Arma Dei,

The Pray More Project Plan Workbook by Arma Dei will guide you to create a prayer plan, pick a prayer habit to work on (one week at a time through Lent) and collect meaningful journal/personal prayer prompts for fruitful, consistent prayer from the heart.

Two Prayer Practices for Lent

From Emily at Faith That Works,

This resource contains materials about the life of Saint Faustina, how to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and two ways to deepen their understanding of the Stations of the Cross. All materials are designed with middle school students in mind and includes rubrics for grading.

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